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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can your vegetable soup be used to treat my illness?

Due to strict FDA and FTC regulations regarding packaging and labeling on products and websites, manufacturers of dietary supplements are not allowed to make any "structure and function" claims for any of their products without approval from the FDA; disease treatment claims are allowed only after proper review of an FDA-sponsored clinical trial.  The FDA makes their recommendations after appropriate review of the clinically proven data which is published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.  Consumers should follow guidelines provided by their healthcare providers and be wary of claims made by products and their manufacturers which do not receive FDA approval.  Sun Farm Corporation embraces the philosophy of scientific rigor and validation.  We encourage others to follow suit and challenge current thinking with evidence based clinical studies.  We also encourage consumers to question unproven therapies and ask for evidence and scientific validation of any disease modifying claims.

Why are your products priced the way they are?

Doing clinical research in an attempt to validate claims of efficacy is very expensive.  We are attempting to provide our products direct to consumers now at the lowest possible cost.  In doing so, we have been able to provide our products as a dietary supplement that is less expensive than almost all dietary supplements in our category on the market today, on a cents per gram per day basis.  Since we sell in bulk quantities only, the cost at first might seem high to the consumer, but in the end the consumer will realize the lowest cost on a cents per gram per day basis than other dietary supplement options.  Please note that disclosure of our research activities does not constitute an endorsement of any disease modifying claim by our products as we do not make any claims for any product we sell.  Instead we request that you consult with your healthcare practitioner on whether or not to use our products for your needs.  Please see our Disclaimer for details.

Which is more effective, Frozen or Freeze-dried Vegetable Soup?

Our Vegetable Soup is a non-toxic food sold as a dietary supplement; it is not a drug. Both the Frozen and Freeze-dried Vegetable Soup have the same formula. There is no advantage of one over the other.  The Frozen Vegetable Soup requires refrigeration.  However, consumers may choose to purchase Freeze-dried Vegetable Soup powder for convenience.

How long will I need to wait to benefit from eating the Vegetable Soup ?

In as early as after two weeks of daily servings, however the greatest benefit may be after 2 to 3 months of daily servings.

Are there any side effects after taking the Vegetable Soup?

Our Vegetable Soup is a natural food product and is a non-toxic herbal vegetable soup.  Due to its high fiber content, the vegetable soup may cause consumers to experience a full feeling due to its high fiber content.

Can people who are on medication for diabetes, pain, arthritis, etc. take the Vegetable Soup?

Our Vegetable Soup is a natural food product that can be used as a dietary supplement.  However we recommend that consumers always consult with their health care providers about changes in their diets.

What is the best way to take your Vegetable Soup?

Our Vegetable Soup is a natural food product made from vegetables and herbs. Most people mix it with a glass of water and drink it in one or two servings.  Some find it easier to take the diluted powder with a large diameter straw.  The Vegetable Soup may also be mixed with tofu, soymilk, lukewarm home made lentil soup or onion soup with garlic, scallions, parsley, asparagus, ginger, mushrooms, leeks, whole wheat bread, brown rice, broccoli, fish or other raw vegetables.  Do not heat, boil or microwave the Vegetable Soup.  We recommend that it be taken on an empty stomach.

When should your Vegetable Soup be taken?

The time of day is not important, as long as the full serving is ingested each day.  We recommend the Vegetable Soup to be eaten on an empty stomach and in one serving per day at one meal a day (lunch) or split into two meals (breakfast and lunch).

When will it be better to eat more than the recommended serving size?

If a person weighs more than 200 pounds, we recommend to increase the serving size proportionally by 1/2 a serving.

What should people do if they feel something wrong after taking the Vegetable Soup?

Our Vegetable Soup is a natural food product.  There are no harmful side effects associated with it. However, before using the Vegetable Soup, consumers should be aware of any allergies related to the any of ingredients and also consult their healthcare providers about potential interactions of their medications with the natural food compounds (e.g. licorice, soybean, etc…).

Will it be better to take more than the recommended serving?

People wishing to have greater benefit from the Vegetable Soup may double their daily servings. 

What kind of foods should consumers not eat in conjunction with the Vegetable Soup?

The Vegetable Soup should NEVER be put into boiling water or direct heat such as an oven or microwave. Heat may destroy the active ingredients. Citric acid-based foods (including orange juice, cranberry juice, pineapple juice, or any citric-acid based juices, such as tomato products) should not be eaten within one hour of consuming the Vegetable Soup.

Which foods can the Vegetable Soup be mixed with?

Our Vegetable Soup may also be mixed with tofu, soymilk, lukewarm home made lentil soup or onion soup with garlic, scallions, parsley, asparagus, ginger, mushrooms, leeks, whole wheat bread, brown rice, broccoli, fish or other raw vegetables.

Under what condition can customers return the Vegetable Soup for a refund?

We do not accept returns for the frozen Vegetable Soup. We can offer a refund (minus shipping) for the freeze-dried powder Vegetable Soup within 60 days of purchase.

How can we purchase the Vegetable Soup outside of the United States?

Consumers residing in Taiwan should contact our sales agent in Taipei, Taiwan:

SunBio Co., Ltd.
3F.-1, No.322, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Sec. 4
Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan, R.O.C.
TEL: 886 2-6636-3058 or 886
FAX 886 2-6636-3008

We are able to ship our Vegetable Soup to most other countries, but please call us in the U.S. at (203) 882-8000 for more details.

How is Sun Farm Vegetable Soup different from other herbal supplements that can be purchased from health food stores or vitamin shops?

With state of the art technology (HPLC, GCMS, ICP) and rigorous Quality Control (QC) of our Vegetable Soup to assure batch to batch consistency and to test for contamination by pesticides and heavy metals in all Vegetable Soup ingredients.  At SFC we insist that our methods push the envelope and go far beyond the minimum requirements by state and federal regulation required for food manufacturing.  Herbs must first be examined by a plant taxonomist to insure the species of each herb is correct.  We then test for contamination by toxic heavy metals and pesticides at standard levels much lower than are required by government regulation.  SFC also has established a microbiology lab to detect all potential contaminants in our finished products.

High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC): Used to validate batch-to-batch consistency of our products at Sun Farm

State of the Art Quality Control utilizing Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) for testing of Heavy Metal contamination of raw materials acquired by SFC for the production of Sun Farm Vegetable Soup

How can consumers know that the Vegetable Soup they bought is manufactured from Sun Farm (i.e. is not fake?)

Please contact us at (203) 882-8000, to order our Vegetable Soup from us or our authorized agents.  We are developing a registration system to allow consumers to verify that the Sun Farm Vegetable Soup they receive is authentic.

Can my pet dog, cat, mouse benefit from eating your Vegetable Soup?

While it may be beneficial, only anecdotal evidence for canines exists.  However small animal studies (rodent) have been performed and are published in mainstream scientific peer reviewed literature.



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